Printing at Supergraphic Labs in Durham, NC.
A View from the Easel
by Philip A Hartigan on July 17, 2012
Rachel Henriques, Miami, Florida (site)
The daily commute to my studio takes me via the beach. I've realized that the drive is an important part of my process in clearing my mind before getting into the studio each day. My neighbours are a local fire station and despite the sirens and constant activity I remain undisturbed while working. The energy inside my studio is all mine.

I often work on larger format paintings, as I enjoy the physical labour involved in the making of the larger works. I also develop many pieces simultaneously as I like to keep a rhythm while I work. If I ever feel stuck on one piece, then I move to another that feels right. Moving between pieces enables my ideas to be fabricated before they are lost. My current paintings are mostly abstractions with some more tangible imagery here and there. This studio is my sacred space.

Printing at the Litho Shop in Baltimore, MD http://paintnprint.tumblr.com/.